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About Us

Sentinel Investment Group is a Private Equity company specialising in Cheshire Real Estate and the companies providing services to the sector. Our history is rooted in the sector which is one of the most dynamic and resilient in the whole of the UK. 

We provide both Venture Capital and Private Equity to companies who show dynamic and entrepreneurial attitudes to their market whilst keeping quality and service at the forefront of their activities.

Our target is to deliver key profitable gains through management support, cash flow and efficiency. We support existing management teams to keep control of the company.


Sentinel Investment Group is a private equity firm focussed exclusively on Cheshire real estate and associated service providers.

We strive to create exceptional value through working collaboratively with the management teams of our portfolio companies.

Our objective is to invest resources and provide stewardship as we create long-term sustainable growth, thereby producing superb, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.


We strive for excellence by holding ourselves and our partners to the highest standards

We are a relationship firm; integrity, trust and respect govern our actions

The spirit of partnership affects everything we do; we work as a team, share recognition and accountability and communicate clearly and openly

We work for alignment among management, the board and our investors

We seek continuous improvement throughout our organization by setting clear objectives and candidly assessing our successes and failures

We persevere in achieving our goals

We endeavor to be efficient and impactful in our work

We believe our work should be meaningful and enjoyable

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